Don’t overshoot the mark!

One of the frequent errors we find of many of our customers is taking their site creatively too far. Their site becomes miss aligned with their target market. It’s easy to become too creative and build a site of ambition not reality. When we engage with our customers and create websites here on Phillip Island and in the surrounding Bass Coast region we have to be very mindful of the demographic mix most businesses in the region attract.

Love where you live – your environment breeds design!

Tourist, local and city (Melbourne) customers all have different needs. Their vision of the business they are engaging is important to maintain. Too often we forget to tell our regional or local story. People buy from people, something we can never forget.

Tell the right story. Not a fairytale. Recently we built a Website for a rurally based business in Queensland. A very similar district to Bass Coast with a smaller local population and a transient tourist business.

After limited success we analyzed what our target market was and went back to the drawing board. The customer had a national vision but had forgot how much business was on their doorstep. We readdressed their Social Media strategy and adopted a regional approach.

KISS – Keep it simple stupid – it’s so easy to forget!

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