Adroit Concreting edges into Bass Coast

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the edge or gloss of some industries -no matter how hard you try. Concreting would be one of those industries. But when you scrape back the surface of not only the new technologies but the actual product and finishes they produce you’ll find a rough diamond. You could say concrete is just concrete – after working with Shannon at Adroit Concreting that is definitely not the case.

With an open mind Adroit Concreting have allowed Widget to take their services to the Bass Coast region. They say you can’t sell a secret. This could be said of Adroit Concreting. Their network of trades and contacts have allowed them to operate in Melbourne for over 15 years. Post COVID and after years of travel Shannon Dunk decide to split his business. A commercial operation in the Melbourne region and a residential and commercial operation in the Bass Coast – Phillip Island region.


Providing supporting on-going digital services Widget has been able to enable Adroit to grow it’s business in the Bass Coast region and become one of the leading concreting companies in the region.

Providing continual support has ensured the growth of a Digital Footprint for Adroit Concreting. Supporting social and BLOG information has enabled Adroit to share with the local Bass Coast community the great and varied work they undertake for domestic and commercial customers.

Here is some back ground from our client:

Adroit Concreting has over 20 years of experience when it comes to concrete slab & foundation work, including understanding and implementing the highest standards of all foundations on ground and above.

Proper estimating, design, well excavated and completed earthworks are critical to a quality foundation. Our services are trusted by builders, competitively priced and include concrete slabs, foundations, footings, and excavations.”

Need concreting work done – contact the team at Adroit.

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